digital photographs, dimensions


Al. Niepodległości, 2020
digital photograph, dimensions variable

Each digitally registered living space is made into a ‘camera obscura’, and reversed it by 180 degrees. The images had been taken in the period between early 2020 until 2021, documenting people’s lives during the pandemic. Some of them belonge to people close to me, others are completely alien (like a hotel room). Rotating the images by 180 degrees causes the foreground to draw attention to what is behind the window, not the interior itself. The human eye works in a similar way - the brain corrects and reverses the image registered on the retina, makes selections. Finally, the subversion here works also as a metaphor, of an ‘inverted’ reality, where the home environment became at the same time their workplace, a place of virtual meetings. Overlaying the outside on the inside is a gesture of establishing distance. The furnishing of a room becomes its very own background, it becomes alien. Such an effect perpetuates a certain paradigm of perception, typical of contemporary society, for which the social is intertwined with the technical.

Kinowa, 2021
digital photograph, dimensions variable

Ratuszowa, 2020
digital photograph, dimensions variable

Hotel, 2020
digital photograph, dimensions variable

Ratuszowa #2, 2020

Rembrandta, 2020